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What is True Prayer?

A Course in Miracles describes prayer not as a time when we ask or beg for something, but instead of a time when we cease all asking and give to God our wants, hopes, and desires.

Does this mean that giving to God our wants, hopes, and desires means we are asking for God to give us those things?

No, it does not.

It means, we release our wants, hopes, and desires as our gift to God and Holy Spirit (aka Christ) and He will heal our misperceptions.

Our misperceptions are a result of mistaken beliefs that we are something we are not – a human having a spiritual experience.

But in Truth, we are a spiritual being having a human experience.

And human experiences are the result of mistaken beliefs which bring about misperceptions.

Accepting all things as Whole and Perfect can be achieved via the quieting of the mind – the ceasing of our wants, hopes, and desires.

So, although we may have wants, hopes, and desires for a better life, (i.e. more money, a meaningful relationship, a new car – whatever) in reality we already have everything we could ever want.


Because we ARE Everything.

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