Topic: Awakenings: Easy to Slip
Teaching: Awakenings: Easy to Slip
Host: Larry Seyer
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When you are on the path to awakening, it is very easy to wander off the path without knowing you have left.

This happened to me this past week.

It was so easy to see that someone else would be much better off if they would only do XYZ or change ABC about themselves.

In another instance, I could see that they could have saved time if they would have only done it my way instead of the way they were doing it.

But these diversions are only time wasters and not road blocks. We need only recognize that we are making judgements and then immediately release our insistence on being right and Peace returns to our awareness.

In each and every case, it was my choice to be right instead of allowing what was unfolding to take the natural course.

I guess it really is easier to allow a cart to roll downhill than to push it uphill against gravity – but sometimes I seem to believe I know which direction the cart should go and how fast it should fall. Silly me.

Release and let go. That is all that is necessary. Everything else will fall into place perfectly.

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