Topic: Awakenings: Habitual Thinking
Teaching: Awakenings: Habitual Thinking
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Who is doing this thinking? Is it the one who believes it is separate from the Whole or is it the Whole? And how can we know the difference?

I have learned that if I thought about it, then it is not from the Whole. It is only PART of the Whole and therefore does not and cannot know Everything – it can only know part of Everything and is subject to error.

So as crazy as it sounds, I am also learning that letting go of -self- or the part that believes it is NOT the Whole is actually in my best interest.

And so we must choose.

Do we choose to listen to inspiration and regard it as Truth or do we choose to listen to our interpretation of it?

This came to me a few nights ago:

  • "You must accept the truth as true no matter if you believe it or not."
  • "Remember the truth is a constant and you are a variable."
  • "One cannot be molded into a beacon of light as long as one insists on being right."
  • "Since you currently believe the truth is open to your interpretation of it, you must be made malleable by truth to be formed into a vessel for truth to live and love. You cannot do this while you insist on being right. You must be shown the way and you will only see the path to peace once your eyes are open to the accept truth and you lay down your flashlight of projections you currently hold on to."
  • "Your beliefs get in the way. Your beliefs take up room in your heart and must be set aside in order for there to be space for truth to live in you."
  • "Therefore live this: YOU KNOW NOTHING!. You are an open vessel for truth to live and for truth to love."
  • "Doing so will allow you to release the curtain you are holding up with your tired arms that seems to be separating you from seeing and experiencing truth."

And so, I relax my tired arms that were holding the veil of forgetfulness and I allow Truth to be my mentor.

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