Topic: NTI Daily Lesson: The Two Voices
Teaching: NTI Daily Lesson: The Two Voices
Host: Larry Seyer
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We seem to be hearing two different voices.

One is the voice of thinking – the voice that is worried about tomorrow or regrets the past.

There is another voice. And this voice only speaks of now. It never speaks of tomorrow or yesterday – only now.

In fact, it can ONLY speak about now because it only knows now. But what it knows about now is everything.

And that is something that the thinking mind does not have access to. The thinking mind never speaks about now. It only knows what it fears or regrets. And it only has access to what it thinks about things.

Never does it have access to reality. Instead, it only projects what it thinks about reality and offers that as psuedo-knowledge.

It is possible to listen to only the voice of now – but it requires practice. It requires that you ignore the voice that is worried about tomorrow. It requires that you do not regret anything about the past.

It requires that you listen to what is and ignore what is not.

It requires that you only care about what is real – which is and has always been — now!

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