Topic: Who is the Author of your Self?
Teaching: Who is the Author of your Self?
Host: Larry Seyer
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There are only 3 possibilities with regards to credit of your authorship.

Either you made yourself or something else made you.

If you made yourself, then responsibility for everything is yours – and fear and guilt are an inevitable outcome eventually.

If something else made you, either it was random chance, or an intelligence that can make that claim.

If it was random chance, then there is no Love, there is no commitment, there is no decision you could EVER make that would mean anything since everything would be temporal and of no constance.

But if it was an intelligence that made you, your path to peace and the awareness of your Oneness with your Creator is certain only delayed by how you use the tools that were given to you by your Creator.

Self-Inquiry will eventually chip away all of the false ideas you have about yourself and reveal your True Nature.

Only the Truth is True – and Truth can withstand all interrogations.

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