Topic: Everything is Alive!
Teaching: Everything is Alive!
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It may seem strange to think of our shoes, or the ground that we walk on, or even the planet as alive, but it is true.

The book I am currently reading is entitled The Convoluted Universe – Book Three by Dolores Cannon.

In this book, she describes a client who was hypnotized and remembered a lifetime where she was a rock – certainly a life much different from our human existence!

In another session, a completely different client remembered a life where she was a robot – created by a very tall being with no feelings. Upon traversing backwards in time, she realized that SHE was one of those beings originally and had incarnated as one of the robots in order to experience the effects of her creation.

Strange indeed!

These two examples are extreme cases of Spirit being able to experience life as anything – including what we would normally consider to be non-living objects.

But is it really so strange to imagine being something other than human? Did our Creator make humans and declare them above everything else? Or did our Creator make everything the equal?

In some biblical teachings, there is a differentiation between man and animals. But in ACIM, and many eastern teachings, there is no differentiation.

It is my current belief and understanding that being human is just another experience. And the only thing that makes it APPEAR to be above something else is our judgement of what we have declared as NOT us.

Ultimately, it boils down to belief – and can only be answered by going within. No amount of logic will find the answer since all of this is abstract anyway.

But my belief is that Everything IS alive. And I give thanks to the shoes that I wear, the ground I walk upon, and the air that I breathe.

What could it possibly hurt?

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