May 10th, 11th & 12th  2013
 Sheryl Valentine , Host presents …
 An Intimate Gathering with Regina Dawn Akers
 with music by Larry Seyer

Mission Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, California

This event is being called an “intimate gathering with Regina Dawn Akers,” but in truth it will be an intimate gathering with your Self.

The objective is to support you in letting go of the false, while becoming more and more clear on what is true.

The world seems to be full of problems.  People debate over what the answers to these problems might be.  Sometimes it seems that the more we want peace and prosperity for everyone, the more we argue about how that can be achieved.

Meanwhile, the answer to every question we could ever ask and every problem we perceive lies not in debate and pushing for ones opinion to be heard; it lies in stillness, in trust and in rest.  Even if the world continues to be crazy, you can be peacefully and joyously sane — you can live in the world but not of the world.

In this weekend retreat you will learn how to find your inner wisdom and stay in touch with it so you can live like a light in the world, simply clear, peacefully present and happily alive.


For years, Regina has experienced inner guidance that teaches and points her toward truth. This  ”inner teaching” has given us “The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament” (NTI), “The Teachings of Inner Ramana”, “Thoughts of Awakening” and more. However, most recently this inner teaching has taught less and spent more time leading Regina through a deep and clear inner inquiry or investigation. We feel this process of inquiry fosters powerful inner experience,  as it has changed Regina’s seeing more than any previous spiritual teaching or practice.

With this realization, Regina would rather not teach as much as she wants to facilitate our own direct seeing just as inner guidance has facilitated this seeing within her. This “facilitation” will be the focus of our three day gathering. Expect to leave “seeing differently” than you had before you arrived. It doesn’t matter what step or stage your seeing is at; this inquiry can move you to the next perception on the “Stairway to Heaven.”

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