Topic: Surrender Means Giving Up Insisting On Being Right
Teaching: Surrender Means Giving Up Insisting On Being Right
Host: Larry Seyer
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The path to peace, or whatever you want to call it – be it awakening, enlightenment, Truth, or even Oneness, is very well marked with signs that simply have one simple word on them – SURRENDER.

The signs do not say WHAT to surrender, nor do they specify HOW MUCH or what EXCEPTIONS should be considered.

Instead, these signs gently suggest a course of action that involves what some are not yet ready to do – give up insisting on being right.

Insisting on being right also includes the idea that you know what is best for you. It also includes ALL beliefs.

But if we open our mind up to the possibility that we do NOT know what is best for us, we might see a glimmer of light that shows us that what we have thrown out may actually be of IMMENSE value.

What if… just WHAT IF that which we CLAIM to NOT be is actually conspiring to make us happy? How would we even know if it was doing that without giving up our insistence on being right about what we THINK it is?

We would have to relinquish judgment about it, of course. We would have to give up our thinking. We would have to give up our beliefs.

But if we take that course of action to the ultimate step of letting go of everything, we see that eventually we experience EVERYTHING as ONE – because there is no little self that believes it exists apart from the whole. In essence, we then experience holiness completely. We are holy.

And this step, which we ALL will eventually take – no matter how long it takes will free us to dream the happy dream of knowing we ARE one and sharing each other completely.

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