Topic: The Inner Ramana: Commentary on Mind
Teaching: The Inner Ramana: Commentary on Mind
Host: Larry Seyer
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The way we perceive the world is influenced by the thoughts we listen to in our mind.

If we listen to the thoughts that say this is a cruel world, a meaningless world, a world with no purpose – then that is the experience we will have. We will have the experience of seeing the world as that – cruel, meaningless, no purpose etc.

But if we can look at the world with no preconceived thoughts about it – in other words without prejudice, we will see the world for what it truly is. It is simply illusion projected by the mind placed upon everything in response to our beliefs.

Can you see anything as it truly is? Or are you helplessly listening to thoughts ignoring Truth?

Sitting quietly without thoughts – or repeating a mantra such as -I Am That I Am- can help us see and experience Truth.

Enjoy Everything – because it is alive – and It is You!

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