Topic: NTI Daily Lesson: How To Know
Teaching: NTI Daily Lesson: How To Know
Host: Larry Seyer
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When I was starting out as a young recording engineer – and even before then, I learned how to know the workings of audio gear even though I had never seen or used it before.

The trick was to not think I knew what it was. In other words, I did not pre-judge it as being anything other than what it was.

This allowed True Knowledge to enter my awareness and I was able to know what the device was and how to use it even though I had never used it before.

This is the same thing as what the NTI lesson says to do – simply allow whatever is to be and do not judge it.

Do not try to insist on being right and try to tell the device you THINK you know what it does – instead rest your eyes on it and allow it to TELL you what it is.

This is the way to TRUE KNOWLEDGE. And it involves giving up the insistence upon being right.

It also involves giving up thinking and instead allowing intuition to flow through your existence – making you aware of it.

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  • Knowledge
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