Topic: NTI Daily Lesson: The Illusion of self
Teaching: NTI Daily Lesson: The Illusion of self
Host: Larry Seyer
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Once we realize that the experience we seem to be having currently is merely an illusion of separation from Oneness – an impossible thing for sure – we can tackle the seemingly impossible task of releasing the self that believes it is separate from the Oneness.

Since there is only Oneness, and since twoness is only an illusion, it must follow that any -self- that believes it is separate from the Oneness cannot be true. It MUST be illusion.

Therefore, to release the concept that we could possibly exist separate from the Oneness that is Everything is a seemingly illusory task of letting go of something that simply does not exist.

In other words, letting go of self can only lead to an awakening experience back to the Oneness that IS Everything – the mind awakens and returns to sanity.

This illusory world of separation, including the idea of a self that exists apart from All that Is, must be let go of in order to remember the Truth of Who we Are – the One Infinite Son of God.

Forgive your brother for what he has not done – forgive your self for you have done nothing.

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