Topic: NTI Daily Lesson: Fear
Teaching: NTI Daily Lesson: Fear
Host: Larry Seyer
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Walk Through The Valley of Fear with God.

Today we look at what we have been avoiding – fear.

NTI shows us in 2nd Timothy Chapters 2 and 3 that when we fear something, we are actually preventing ourselves from seeing the Truth that lives beyond the fear.

Since most of us fear what lives beyond fear as WORSE than fear, we constantly avoid fear – never experiencing what comes next.

Today's lesson explains a process where fear is allowed to present everything it has to offer to us – then we simply allow it to wash over us (i.e. experience it) and then see what comes next.

What we find is that an undeniable, encompassing, all pervasive Peace is the inevitable result of allowing fear to pass without resistance.

Hold onto nothing – Eckhart Tolle says. And I believe this holds true for when we are in the grips of fear.

DARE fear to be more than what it appears to be – it can only provide a temporary experience. It can never be YOU! And it will ALWAYS pass.


I was interviewed by Kenneth Bok on his ACIMExplained YouTube channel. I am grateful for Kenneth for the chance to talk with him about ACIM, NTI, TMDD, and Over-Unity.

Here is the interview if you are interested in hearing what we discussed:



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