Topic: NTI Daily Lesson: Love Your Thoughts – But Do Not Believe Them
Teaching: NTI Daily Lesson: Love Your Thoughts – But Do Not Believe Them
Host: Larry Seyer
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Today we read from NTI 1st Timothy Chapter 2.

In the reading, it mentions that within our current experience, it appears as if we are but a speck in a tapestry of colors which is everything that is something OTHER than us.

The speck appears to be all that we are because we believe the lie that thinking presents to us – which is only that which our eyes see and our thinking thinks.

But experience has already shown us that our eyes can be deceived. And time will eventually show us that our thinking can be deceived also.

When we look into physical matter closely, we see that at first there appears to be atoms, electrons, and protons.

But science is now showing us that in fact, there are no atoms, electrons, or protons. Instead, what we find is that there is only vibration within something that appears to be a fluid like substance.

All matter is merely vibration – have you heard this before?

Literally, our thoughts are collapsing wave potential into physical matter right before our very eyes – and our beliefs make it appear to be real to us.

There is no world!

ACIM has been saying this since Helen Schucman channeled it during the period spanning from 1965 – 1972. And we read this phrase over and over and it makes no sense to our logical mind.

If only we could suspend our judgment of it being UNtrue long enough for the light to shine into our awareness and show us that there truly IS no world! It is merely vibration within a fluid made to appear as real conforming to our belief system.

Clearly we must be willing to give up our thoughts about this world in order to see the matrix beneath the illusion that our thoughts appear to be making if we are to awaken to the Truth of who we are.

Today we also read from a new book I received from Irene A. Cohen MD entitled "Soul Journey To Love".

My favorite quote from the Day 1 reading is "Be vigilant about your thoughts, observe them, be loving toward them and let them go".

Notice it states to love them.

Love all things – even your thoughts. But do not believe them – simply let them go.

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