Topic: NTI Daily Lesson: We See What We Expect To See
Teaching: NTI Daily Lesson: We See What We Expect To See
Host: Larry Seyer
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When we look upon our brothers and sisters and we see what we believe to be inappropriate actions, or demonstrations of ignorance, or even something considered to be criminal, we are actually projecting thoughts in our mind upon those who are completely innocent.

This idea is presented today in NTI 2nd Corinthians Chapters 9 and 10.

Chapter 9 starts out by stating flatly that there is no world – everything we see is a projection made up by the one mind of the son of God.

Chapter 10 continues this idea and states that our desire to be right above seeing truth clouds the truth with projections of our thoughts about that which we perceive. In other words, as we believe, so it is for us.

Our insistence upon being right and the inevitable companion belief that our brothers are guilty results in us seeing them as guilty and all supporting evidence is made to appear as true.

But NTI is telling us not to look to the world for proof of our brothers innocence. Instead, it says to look within for Truth. It is only within the heart can we see truly what is.

This requires that we suspend our beliefs, give up our thinking, and be willing to be shown Truth.

And, of course, we cannot do that if we insist on being right.

So this requires Trust – a trust not clouded by confusion.

Confusion is simply seeing something different that what we expect. So by NOT expecting anything and NOT projecting our beliefs upon our brothers, we may see them as they truly are – completely and forever innocent.

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