Topic: NTI Daily Lesson: The Truth is NOT Out There
Teaching: NTI Daily Lesson: The Truth is NOT Out There
Host: Larry Seyer
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The world would have you believe it has the answers you are seeking.

It would appear that when we look upon the world, we see things that cause us to do X or cause us to do Y. It may even appear as if our lives are influenced by our experiences within the world.

We use our experiences in the world to determine how we think, what we believe, and why we exist.

But ACIM, NTI, and many of the great spiritual teachers tell us the world is illusion – a slight of hand made to only appear as real.

How then, can we trust the world to give us the answers we seek if it is illusion?

What if the world was NOT true? What if the world did NOT provide the answers we are seeking? What then?

Could it be that the answers we are seeking are within us already? Could it be that the world is simply a projection made up of our beliefs about what it is?

This is what today's reading from NTI tells us – that the world is simply a projection held together by our beliefs about it and molded by our expectations of what it should be.

How can we find unchanging Truth in a place that is changed by our changing beliefs about it?

What cannot.

We must turn inward and seek the Heart of the Self which contains the Truth of who we are. In the Heart, past all of our thoughts about it, past all of our beliefs about it, past all the thinking, judgement, and expectations of what we will find there IS Truth.

Seek and Ye shall find. As you believe – so it is for you.

THIS is why the world CANNOT contain Truth – but only reflect what our expectations of it are.

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