Topic: NTI Daily Lesson: Round and Round We Go
Teaching: NTI Daily Lesson: Round and Round We Go
Host: Larry Seyer
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We 'think' we live in a world. We 'believe' it to be real and we fight with all of our strength to be right about our beliefs.

But what if we were not so protective of our beliefs? What if we were willing to be shown that what we hold so dear in our beliefs was simply not true?

Do we have the courage to look upon what we have held as 'true' for so long to NOT be true?

Do you 'wish' for anything to be different in your life? Does your existence seem to be something other than perfect?

Have you taken the time to ask the question 'Who is it that thinks this is so?'

Today we look at where wishes come from and we find that ALL wishes have a judgement around them.

Can you see that giving up all judgements will eventually lead to accepting Everything as Whole and Perfect?


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  • Wishes
  • Judgment
  • Perfection
  • Acceptance