Topic: NTI Daily Lesson: Surrendering to Truth
Teaching: NTI Daily Lesson: Surrendering to Truth
Host: Larry Seyer
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Self Will is simply the insistence on being right – over and above Truth.

Are you having trouble surrendering to something you don't know? Having trouble 'letting go'?

Are you afraid of being 'lost' in something that you believe may not have your best intensions at heart?

No problem!

Simply surrender to Truth. Truth can NEVER loose any part of itself because it is forever unchanging, forever the same, and WILL NOT and CANNOT accept anything that is false.

It only has YOUR best interest at heart, because it IS YOU!

Your fear is only the fear of letting go of what you thought was truth, but was not. Simply give up your insistence on being right and surrender to Truth.

The false can NEVER be Truth, so you loose NOTHING by doing so.

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