Topic: NTI Daily Lesson: The Space Between Thoughts
Teaching: NTI Daily Lesson: The Space Between Thoughts
Host: Larry Seyer
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"Judgement is the tool we use to keep the illusion of separateness alive in our minds."

Such a simple statement. But one that carries with it far reaching implications.

If judgement is a tool used to keep the illusion of separateness alive in our minds, and if we are wanting to experience Truth and not illusion, it then follows that we must release all judgement in order to have the experience of non-illusion.

We are taught almost since birth that we must think for ourselves; we must choose between right and wrong. We must choose the colors we 'like' (what determines that, BTW?). We must choose which 'side' we will be 'on'.

We are so conditioned and addicted to judgement that some believe it is impossible to exist without it.

But that is not so.

Intuition can replace thinking.

It is not only possible to not 'think' and exist completely safe from all harm experiencing life as pure ecstasy but it is a necessary requirement that thinking not be involved for that experience to manifest.

Are you practicing meditation? Have you found the 'space' between your thoughts?

Have you remembered the Truth of Who You Are?

Can you even say it?

Do you know you ARE the One Infinite Creator?

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