Topic: NTI Daily Lesson: True Freedom Means Releasing Self Will
Teaching: NTI Daily Lesson: True Freedom Means Releasing Self Will
Host: Larry Seyer
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Our title for today seems to be a contradiction. How can one have 'true freedom' if one must release 'self will'?

It is important to clarify that releasing self will must be voluntary. It can never be forced upon anyone.

This is the reason that we will never see physical evidence for 'God'. We will never be able to 'prove' that there is something commonly known as a 'Creator'.

To observe any 'physical' evidence of the existence of a 'Creator' would infringe upon our will to have an experience of being separate from God.

Make no mistake about it, we chose to have this experience. It is a choice we made eons ago – one that included the expectation of an experience of a 'life' hidden from 'Everything'. This experience of individuality (in divided reality) was something we made to have the experience of being 'on our own'.

Since the only way to prove you have something is to 'give it away' as the Course describes this Law, our Father CANNOT and WILL NOT EVER impose his will to rejoin with us upon us. To do so would be to rob us of our freedom to experience a life WITHOUT Him.

Our Father loves us too much to impose His will upon us. He patiently waits for us to return Home for the Eternal Joining.

Therefore, if we are to have the experience of 'Awakening' or in other words, to remember the Truth of Who We Are, we must be willing to 'give up' our will to be separate.

In other words, adopting the experience 'Not My Will, But Your Will Father' will NATURALLY bring about experiences that lead us back to the awareness of His presence.

So today, we allow All That Is to Be and request nothing from It.

We Rest in Peace and Allow Everything to be AS IT IS without wanting anything to change.

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