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Topic: NTI Daily Lesson: I Am Everywhere
Teaching: NTI Daily Lesson: I Am Everywhere
Host: Larry Seyer
Class: http://www.acimgather.org
Copyright: © NTI
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When God gave Everything to his Son, He held nothing back. Being Everything and sharing Everything literally means WE are Everything!

This is a concept that the ego cannot grasp. The voice for confusion will not accept this and will fight this idea with all it's illusory power. For in this Truth comes the realization that it does not exist!

That which proclaims to be different cannot be the same! So therefore it does not exist.

Only Oneness exists. There is NO twoness! Twoness is an idea brought forth by an idea that what is the same could be different.

The Truth is and has always been True – regardless of if we know about it or believe it.

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