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Topic: NTI Daily Lesson: Where does Happiness Live?
Teaching: NTI Daily Lesson: Where does Happiness Live?
Host: Larry Seyer
Class: http://www.acimgather.org
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For many, our happiness is determined by our surroundings, such as our house, our car, the amount of money in the bank. Or it is determined by our relationships, such as 'are we in love', or the number and 'quality' of our friends etc.

But ACIM and NTI both tell us that our happiness is something that IS us. We ARE happiness. And to look for it externally is like a drop of water living in the ocean wondering where the other water is.

I am remembering that my happiness is not determined by the things that occur in this world. I am remembering that living in and enjoying the world is totally OK and I am completely innocent. And whatever I choose to do in this world has NOTHING to do with WHO I AM or my salvation!

It is an extremely satisfying and comforting feeling to know that I am at Peace no matter where I go, what I do, or how I live.

This is the Truth of Who We Are.

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