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Topic: NTI Daily Lesson: The Truth is Simple
Teaching: NTI Daily Lesson: The Truth is Simple
Host: Larry Seyer
Class: http://www.acimgather.org
Copyright: © NTI
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No workbook lesson was discussed today.

Text Topics Discussed:

What do we need do in order to awaken?

Give up our beliefs!

That radical statement is stated over and over in spiritual teaching from ACIM to NTI and from 'enlightened' teachers spanning thousands of years.

But there is no 'thousands of years' and there are no enlightened teachers. There is only One – and it is Us and We are One with our Father in Heaven right Now – in the only time there is which is NOW!

How long will you insist on being 'right'?

The Truth is simple – staring us in the face constantly if we would shut up long enough to 'hear' it.

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