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Topic: The Teachings of Inner Ramana – The Purpose of Surrender
Teaching: The Teachings of Inner Ramana – The Purpose of Surrender
Host: Larry Seyer
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The Purpose of Surrender is to let go of our thoughts about something completely and listen only to Truth.

Truth speaks to us all through the day in each and every circumstance we find ourselves in, however we are so accustomed to listening to mind (in other words, our judgements about something) that we do not hear Truth speaking to us.

In today's reading from The Teachings of Inner Ramana (by Regina Dawn Akers) we read that the first step in remembering who we are involves listening to the voice of Truth THROUGH the mind until we remember that we ARE the voice that speaks to us THROUGH mind.

This is no small feat.

Essentially, in order to remember Truth, we must put aside our 'ideas' and not 'pre-judge' something. This includes not listening to the voice that says 'I don't know XYZ'.

If you believe 'You don't know' then you will have the experience of 'not knowing'. But instead, if you can approach any new situation with NO THOUGHTS, you are ready to accept Truth to fill the void and you will then 'remember' that which you have chosen to forget – which is EVERYTHING!

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