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Topic: NTI Daily Lesson: NTI Revelation 13
Teaching:The Cause and Effects of Self Doubt
Host: Larry Seyer
Class: http://www.acimgather.org
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It should be clear by now that self doubt is caused by judgement of self. What may not be so clear is that guilt is a result of the same process.

How many of us want to do things, but do not do them because of self doubt – we believe we cannot do them, or we 'should' not do them?

There are no laws but God's laws, so why do we give pause to anything we choose to do?

It is because of self doubt – which is judgement of self. And of course, all judgements must eventually be released, or put another way – all experiences must be accepted without wanting them to change.

Doubt is caused by our judgement of perfection as being something other than perfection. This causes the perfect mirror to show us imperfection which is in turn a result of us asking to see something other than perfection.

Can you see the insanity in this? Can you also see that we are truly free and the only one who is keeping us in prison is us? And this is only held in place by our belief in the false assumption that we are guilty?

Stop the cycle of birth and death by releasing your judgements of yourself and accepting the perfection of who you are – the perfect son of God, never changing, forever free, and completely safe at home.

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