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Topic: Tomas Vieira – Thank you!
Teaching: Awakenings: Tomas Vieira – Thank you!
Host: Larry Seyer
Class: http://www.acimgather.org
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From his facebook page:

"I want to wake up above all else. Writing our book, Take Me to Truth;Undoing the Ego was a calling to share and continue the undoing of the ego. Thanks for your support. http://takemetotruth.com/
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/takemetotruth/" – *"Tomas Vieira"*

I never met him. But I feel like I know him.

Such courage to face a body that is eating itself while you're still in it. Lumps on his throat, body skinny like a third world child, and courage beyond what most of us can image describes that which appeared to be Tomas.

But he knew the Truth. He knew he was not a body. He knew that in forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheel of Karma.

All the very best to you, Tomas.


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