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Topic: Small 's' and Capital 'S' – Self
Teaching: Awakenings: Small 's' and Capital 'S' – Self
Host: Larry Seyer
Class: http://www.acimgather.org
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When we ask the question 'Who is it that feels threatened?' and then listen and do not provide the answer, we slowly cut the rope that attaches our beliefs of who we think we are away from the story that tries to tell us what is not true.

Who Am I?

Am I the small 's' – self who thinks it is a body? Do I believe I can be harmed?

If so, then I am identifying with the untrue – and this is unworthy of my attention.

But if I KNOW the capital 'S' – Self… that which is eternal and cannot be harmed, asking 'Who Am I' harms no one and no thing and serves to strengthen our belief in Truth.

Which 'S' are you??

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