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Topic: Who is the I that needs?
Teaching: Awakenings: Who is the I that needs?
Host: Larry Seyer
Class: http://www.acimgather.org
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Who is the I that needs?

If we look at that thought and follow it to it's source, we will find an 'I' that believes it is separate from something – perhaps separate from everything.

But this is impossible as there is no separation. So that 'I' thought cannot be true.

By continuing to ask the question 'Who is the I that needs?', we eventually chip away the false 'I' thought and arrive at the truth of who we are.

Truth, being changeless, can withstand the question without being affected by it. But the false 'I' thought will fade away at that thought as it is not true.

And as we continue to ask the question, the Truth of who we are is gently revealed to us like the morning rays of sun that begin each day.

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