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Topic: Practice Makes Perfect
Teaching: Awakenings: Practice Makes Perfect
Host: Larry Seyer
Class: http://www.acimgather.org
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No true musician can simply walk up to his or her instrument and be a master of it without practice.

Even the genius players have to practice – their muscles need strength to do the things they tell them to do. Without this practice, the muscles are not strong enough to do the tasks.

Guitar players must practice in order to build up calluses on their fingers so that the strings will not cut through the skin when they press down hard to get a good tone.

Harp players need calluses in order for their fingers to be able to pluck the strings without creating blisters.

And vocalists must practice in order to condition their vocal cords to tighten the precise amount for accurate pitch.

Without practice, mistakes are made – and perfection is not possible.

The same is true for mind training.

We must practice (i.e. meditate) in order to not 'listen' to the mind.

The mind's chatter serves up the plates of 'crap' for us one after another until we stop eating the crap it serves.

But we are so used to listening to this constant chatter we don't even know we're listening to it anymore.

This is similar to what happens when we are in a room with the air conditioner or a fan running and we no longer 'hear' it.

It's still there – invading our private space. But we have 'tuned it out' and allowed this noise to be a part of our being without choosing it consciously.

Meditation allows one to 'clear the air' of the constant chattering of mind – and to practice turning it off.

Today, let us let go of mind and return to Peace instead.

We ARE the Peace – not the noise.

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