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Topic: Barbara Dennerlein and Mind
Teaching: Awakenings: Barbara Dennerlein and Mind
Host: Larry Seyer
Class: http://www.acimgather.org
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As musicians, we learn to do many things at once. It is common for the left hand to be doing something different than the right hand. It is the mark of a true musician who can do this seemingly difficult task and make it appear as if it is easy.

But to do three things at the same time and have all of them sound as if they are being played by three different musicians is another thing entirely.

Barbara Dennerlein is one of those people who can do this with ease.

The trick of course is to practice to the point of achieving the skill for each task at such a deep level that no 'thinking' is required for the task to be done.

This is exactly what we are to do in order to achieve Peace and remember who we are.

We must turn off our 'thinking' mind and operate on a skill level that is instinctively happy (or Joyous if you prefer that term).

At this level, we are the 'observer' and merely watch as our bodies do these seemingly impossible tasks. We also 'listen' to what is being played and hear it the same time everyone else does.

There is no 'judging' of the notes, no 'deciding' or 'analyzing' music theory or even questioning if the notes we played were correct or not.

Instead, there is a flow – from Source to the player and the player is merely the vehicle for the expression of Source.

In this manner, we are living what "The Teachings of Inner Ramana" means when we find the following in it's text:

"Confusion comes from judgment or deciding or thinking one knows without checking with me. This is the core of all confusion, and without this one error, confusion is impossible."

So today, let us not confuse the thinking mind with ourselves. Let us KNOW we are ONE with our Source and that which judges Source is not Source.

The mind can never be Source – even as it tries to convince you that you are 'mind'… It can never be Source.

You are. And you always will be. And you always have been.

Using the tool of the mind to 'judge' that which is, changes nothing.

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