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Topic: True Selflessness
Teaching: Awakenings: True Selflessness
Host: Larry Seyer
Class: http://www.acimgather.org
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When a Brother or Sister asks for something from us, do we give it freely?

What if they ask for something we feel we 'need'? What if they ask for something we identify with? (i.e. a car, house, large sums of money, etc)

Where is that flexible line that divides the point of 'too much giving' and 'remembering the Truth'?

Does that line exist in your mind? If so, maybe it is time to release and let go of the idea of 'self'.

One must give up the idea of a 'self' that is seemingly separate from the whole in order to experience Truth!

There is no other way to remember you are Everything except to change your mind about who you 'think' you are.

An excellent demonstration of 'lack of lack' is to give Everything freely. It is what my Father did with me and it is what I must do also!

My Father (and he-she-it-God-Whatever is YOUR Father too!) gave us EVERYTHING with no expectations for ANYTHING in return.

Now THIS is freedom!

But with total freedom comes all possibilities. And all possibilities include the illusion of being something we are not.

What is the way back to Truth?

Simply to give Everything away. Keep nothing.

You need nothing, so stop 'proving' you need something by holding onto it.

Prove you need nothing by giving Everything away.

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