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Topic: The Desire to be Separate is Nothing
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Host: Larry Seyer
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How strong is our desire to be 'right'?

Would we rather be 'right' or would we rather be 'happy'?

If we look at this question seriously and then answer it correctly (or follow it through to the ultimate answer), we arrive at a thought system proposed by many of our ascended masters.

This thought system is a system which calls for the relinquishing of 'self'. Or to quote another spiritual teacher – let it be 'not my will, but your will Father'.

The thinking of the seemingly individual mind is the thinking of separation and the desire to be something less than everything. It is the desire to be that small 'self' that thinks it is separate from the Whole (Holiness).

Yet, it is impossible to be separate from the Whole… it is only possible to believe in illusion and deny the Truth of who we are. This fantasy can only continue if we prop up this strange belief by attacking what 'appears' to be outside of ourselves.

Thus, we insist on being 'right' at all cost- even at the expense of being happy. We believe strangely that being right over being happy is required because 'that is the way things are'. Nonsense!

In Reality, there IS no 'outside' of ourselves. However, in an illusion of separateness, we are free to believe whatever we desire.

And this desire is kept well hidden from our awareness. Because if it were to be in our everyday awareness, we would see it as it truly is… nothing.

The desire to be separate is nothing – an illusion of something that could never be.

This is why in order to be happy, we must give up the desire to be right.

Or to put it another way, giving up the desire to be right is a step towards letting go of 'self'.

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