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Topic: There will always be Pebbles
Teaching: Awakenings: There will always be Pebbles
Host: Larry Seyer
Class: http://www.acimgather.org
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In every moment of every day, pebbles are placed in our path to awakening. If we can see these pebbles as stepping stones (or pointers to the way home) we will awaken.

We need only be open to the possibility of their presence (pebble presents) for them to be in our awareness.

Why don't we see them?

A prerequisite for seeing these pebbles is not to pre-judge them (i.e. prejudice towards the pebbles). We MUST accept these pebbles for what they are without imposing our idea of what we THINK they mean.

Another way of seeing this is that when we place our will in front of the will of Everything, the pebbles do not mean anything to us- or we don't see them at all.

"Not my will but your will" must be our mindset if we are to see the pebbles for what they are – the way to Truth.

"Take me to Truth – I no longer want to see anything else". Once we adopt this attitude as our mantra (or willingness), these pebbles are presented to us INSTANTLY!

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