When one looks out into the world one sees a world of bodies.

Some of these bodies are motionless, some interactive, but none are real.

When a person appears to be in front of you, who is it that you see? Is it something outside of yourself that exists entirely on it's own? Or is it part of you and merely a projection of your inner condition?

No one can deny the existence of self while he believes he is a body

Let us consider both possibilities. We can think and believe whatever we choose about these interactions. But our thinking does not affect the Truth of what is except in our perception.

How do we perceive what is 'external' to us?

If we believe we are a body, we perceive all events that can be sensed using the body's devices.

But what if those devices are illusion also? What if they are subject to the same projections of our inner condition?

No one can deny the existence of self while he believes he is a body. So the first step in correcting our inner condition is to deny our ingrained belief of being a physical body.

We have erroneously believed that once we release our belief in the body, we no longer exist. But this is not true. Our beliefs do not affect what is. Everything Real is Eternal and Changeless.

Only form changes and form, being a projection, is not real. Only our perception of Everything changes.

Our thoughts make the world we see. If we carry this thought to it's logical conclusion, we see that our state of mind affects the world we perceive.

Therefore our belief systems will determine our experience. If we see a cruel world, we believe the world is cruel. If we see ourselves as 'victims', then we have given up our power to change.

But none of our beliefs affect the Truth of what IS. They are only our beliefs and have no affect on Truth whatsoever except in our own perception of what we see.

If we choose to believe that our thoughts are powerless and that the physical world determines what we see, then all perceptions will conform to our belief system. Our perceptions are illusions also!

When someone approaches us and appears to find something to say that upsets us, there are always two ways to look at that situation.

One way is to believe that the person is really there and you and that person are separate entities… placing you in the apparent position of being the 'victim' of all that the other person seemingly does to you.

The other way is to know that the other person is really you having an experience of expressing their own interpretation of what they believe they are experiencing.

Neither one of you are really there.

All seemingly separate individuals are part of the One Complete Whole having an experience of separateness inside of a grand dream of illusion.

Our thoughts make the world we see.

Neither one of you really exist apart from the other.

There IS no 'you' apart from the One!

True Knowledge comes when one is willing to give up the idea of being a body and in doing so gives up the illusion of separateness at the same time.

This is the Awakening process and once we see the Truth behind the grand illusion, we are forever unwilling to accept the false again.

Who could be happy with a toy when the real version is available?

This is why nothing in this world means anything. This is also why forgiveness is totally appropriate for every encounter we have no matter what the circumstances.

Every encounter is a Holy (Whole) Encounter because this entire illusion was made so that we could experience what it would be like to NOT know Everything.

The only way one could possibly experience not knowing Everything is to forget.

Today, let us remember to forgive so that we can remember who we are.