Welcome to Larry’s Corner of the Cosmos.  A place where Larry Seyer shares ideas, concepts, and alternative thought systems on Divine Cosmos.

This section of Divine Cosmos resides in the outermost rim of the Galaxy where few travelers dare to visit.

Here you will find ideas and thought systems the world laughs at, runs from, and actively fights against.  It’s a quiet place.

But it’s a place Larry calls home.  And right now, you have a visitor’s pass to experience this rarely visited section of the Cosmos. Fasten your seat belts! – It’s gonna be a wild ride!

What to expect

You will find original articles, spiritual teachings, and links to sites that Larry considers interesting – made available for you to park next to, take home with you, or fly past.

None of the content in this section of the Cosmos is intended to be argumentative.  But you WILL hear things that are considered ‘out there’ compared to the world’s current thinking.

So if you are ‘turned off’ by radical ideas, spiritual teachings or alternative thought systems, or if you cannot imagine things different from what you currently perceive them to be, then this area of the Cosmos will probably not be a place you will want to park your vehicle.

This section of Divine Cosmos resides in the outermost rim of the Galaxy where few travelers dare to visit

This is fine – Larry’s Corner is located in a little known and seldom used section of the Cosmos and you actually have to look to find it.  No one is going to honk a horn or yell at you to come by – although visitors are welcome.

Each week Larry will be sharing mp3 audio recordings from his ACIM Gather teachings presented as a free podcast for you to download.  These podcasts will cover various topics from his core spiritual material “A Course in Miracles” along with music he deems appropriate for the topics covered.

The recordings are actually done ‘live’ each week at 9AM central time in his Austin based recording studio “Electric LarryLand“.  They are also broadcast ‘live’ in the ACIM Gather room of PalTalk.

After recording, the audio is cleaned up a bit, converted to an mp3 file and uploaded to David’s server where it is made available to you to download. You can subscribe to this weekly podcast via iTunes or simply download it here in “Larry’s Corner of the Cosmos”.

Each week Larry will be sharing free mp3 audio recordings from his ACIM Gather teachings

In addition to the free audio recordings, Larry will be writing articles that cover a small range of topics including: Alternative Energy, Over Unity Devices, Money, Politics, Disclosure, Psychology, Audio Recording, Music Production, and anything else he finds interesting and is willing to share.

Who is Larry Seyer?

Larry Seyer is a multiple Grammy award-winning producer, engineer, and musician who has been playing music since he was a single digit midget. Having recorded with everyone from George Martin to George Strait as an engineer he is well versed in both recording techniques and musical styles.

As a musician he is often called upon for recording sessions in his hometown of Austin Texas. As an engineer his recording credits number in the hundreds. Many of them are listed on his web site at www.larryseyer.com

Larry owns his own recording studio and library production company.

A native of Oran Missouri, Larry moved to Austin in 1978 and worked with various local bands while also working in recording studios as a record producer and engineer.

Enjoy “Larry’s Corner of the Cosmos”