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Topic: There is only Oneness
Teaching: Awakenings -There is only Oneness
Host: Larry Seyer
Class: http://www.acimgather.org
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Thank you Peter, I was enjoying that song. Good morning to you. Good morning everyone. For Tuesday the 22nd of September. Can you believe it is this far along in this year already? We are actually getting a little bit of rain here in Austin, Texas. What an unusual event that is. Hadn't seen it in months.

I closed my mind today to all thoughts of negativity, to all thoughts that I cannot, and opened my mind up to I can. I open up to the possibility that I am everything today. I welcome God into my life, I surround myself with the knowledge that God is everywhere and everything and therefore he must be in me. This morning I do not think for myself. This morning I stop the thinking and I know God and I am one with God this morning.

In honor of the rain how about a little bit of George Strait.

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Dove writes, what is your purpose? Tell us all. I'm not sure who that question was directed to but I want to answer it anyway. What is your purpose? My purpose is to be the love that I am and to share it with everyone that I meet and that I see. My purpose is to love everyone as myself because they are myself. Everything that I see is part of me, there is no separation. I am one with my father as you are one with me. We are all one together. We always have been and we always will be and we for sure definitely are right now one with each other. Amen.

I love to teach and I love to share. As my friend Al Musten used to say, “When he taught spirit came through him to share with everyone. And he loved being the conduit for the sharing.” As I love sharing because I realize who I am when I share. I understand who I am. I feel it, I know it, I am it, I am the sharing, I am the love, and so it is an honor to teach. Because by teaching I prove who I am to myself. For no one else needs proving who I am. Today I share the love with you and tell each and every one of you that I love you because you and I are one. There is no separation. The world does not exist. There is no world. It is a projection, a dream, an illusion. There is only oneness. Twoness is an illusion, a projection, from within the one mind that is. Therefore you and I are one, and only in dreaming can we imagine that we are separate from one another. The logical mind does not know how to handle this. The logical mind cannot understand oneness, because in order to have logic you must have twoness. You must have an observer and the observed. You must have something to compare one with the other.

Logic demands comparisons. Logic also demands inequality. Nothing in this world is ever exactly 50% divided. There is always something a little bit more than something else. But that entire concept is merely an illusion, it is not true, it is a projection from within the one mind of God, which we all share, which we all are. We are one.

Dove writes in the room, “Ego thrives by comparison.” Absolutely. The ego loves to compare, because the ego survives by comparing itself to what it sees as outside of itself. Its only self worth can be in comparison to what it sees as outside itself because if it ever admitted the truth, that it was actually a projection from the one mind of God and not real, it would cease to exist. As a matter of fact it really does not exist, in reality the ego does not exist.

I remember reading something from Regina, and Spirit was talking to Regina and she was writing what Spirit was saying. And one line stood out and hit me like a hammer hits a nail. I was reading along going ho hum, okay. Alright this is interesting, I love this, this is wonderful sharing. And all of a sudden there was a sentence that Jesus gave Regina and the sentence was, “There is no you.” It shocked me to read that. There is no you. It's a projection. We are all one. Only oneness exists, only oneness exists. And the thinking mind cannot get its head around that. The thinking mind refuses to believe that that could ever be true because if it ever was true the thinking mind would have to also admit that it was not real.

Today we give up our false sense of illusion. We give up our sense of separateness. We give up the idea that one is better than the other, that there even exist more or less. Today we remember the only thing that truly exists, which is, we are all one. There is oneness. There is only oneness. There is only God. There is only one of us here.

I was looking at my music collection and I don't know if this happens to you or not, but when I look at the title of a song sometimes the song will just pop into my head and I'll hear the song. This time when I looked at the title of the song I heard the song and then I thought to myself, or the thought came to me actually, that this is the way the ego looks at everything. The ego looks at everything the way the song is presented. See if you can see what I saw when you listen to this song.

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I am not a body, I am free as God made me. I am not a body. I am free as God made me. Within that lesson from A Course in Miracles lies the truth of who we are. Bodies represent separateness. They represent death, the idea of running away from the truth. And really when we think that we are a body what we're really doing is running away from the truth. The truth that we are one with our father. Only in dreams could this appear to be happening. In reality it never happened at all. Bodies are a projection of the mind that believes it is split from its father. An impossible situation. I thought that I made a mistake but I must have been mistaken.

It's impossible. But I'm a perfect being, how could I possibly ever make a mistake? But I made a mistake? But I'm a perfect being? How could I ever possibly make a mistake? My father's going to disown me. I'm a perfect being but I made a mistake. That scenario, that logic, produced the projection that we call the world, the universe. It's not real, it is only a dream. We never left home, we could never be separate from our father. We always have been and always will be and are presently now with our father.

Everything knows no separateness. Everything is. Everything knows that nothing cannot exist. Everything knows that nothing cannot exist. Everything is. We being part of everything are absolutely part of God, and I love my father as he loves we, as we are one. Always have been, always will be, amen. No matter what dreams or illusion that I believe currently, our beliefs have no bearing on the truth. Truth is, regardless of what our belief system is we can believe anything we want to. We can believe 1 equals 2, we can believe that we are separate. We can believe that the world is flat, we can believe there's no such thing as electricity. It doesn't matter what we believe. Our beliefs have no bearing on the truth. The truth is forever and always has been and always will be. Our belief system is merely delusional, which does not affect truth at all. Beliefs are a projection based on an erroneous idea. Our beliefs are not true. What we think is not true. In fact the thinking is the problem because the thinking is the logical mind that makes the comparisons. If this then that, if this then that. If I'm perfect then how could I be here? I am not here. I am not a body. I am free as God made me. I am still as God created me. Perfect. As Peter just wrote in the room, “I am still as God created me.” And I love what Dove said at Be the Love, he said that he read that “I am still as God created me” first as “I am still,” in other words I am continuing to be as God created me, but it also means I am still. I am stillness. I am forever changeless. I am changeless and forever as God created me. I am still as in stillness as God created me.

I think this is a perfect song to end with today. Let's do that.

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