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Topic: Labor of Love 2009
Teaching: Awakenings – Labor of Love 2009
Host: Larry Seyer
Class: http://www.acimgather.org
Copyright: © A Course in Miracles
Workbook Topics Discussed:

No workbook lesson was discussed today.

Text Topics Discussed:

This past weekend at the Divine Cosmos Toronto Convergence conference with David Wilcock some interesting things happened!

Listen to the podcast to find out what they were!

Also, included in this podcast is a copy of the Labor of Love 2009 song that my brothers and sisters did over Labor Day Weekend entitled "The Singer is the Song".

Other topics discussed are:

  1. The Nature of Time
  2. How Forgiveness Collapses Time
  3. The Impossible Reality of Duality
  4. Thinking is not Real



Good morning everyone. Thank you Dev for that introduction, just a little bit late getting started this morning. It was a wonderful conference in Toronto this past weekend. David Wilcox and I put on a conference in Toronto at the Days Inn on Wilson Avenue and it was wonderful, it was great. It was a 3 day conference. Originally it was going to be David who did all the speaking and I was gonna do the music and he sing, and we did that on Friday night and Saturday night and Sunday. But then the thought hit me that I needed to be teaching, so I mentioned to David, we were taking a couple hours' break for lunch, and I received the prompt that I should teach one of those hours. And he said, “Oh that sounds great, go ahead.”

So I thought, alright well okay next time we have a conference I'll do that, meaning that I think the next time we're doing a conference is in London in October, so I was thinking in my mind, okay I'll teach this coming October in London. And at the end of the next segment he said, “And now we've got a special treat for you,” he introduces me and boom I'm on. It was great. Of course I was totally unprepared, which is very normal for me, I don't prepare anything. I like to get the mind out of the way, stop thinking, let go and let god take over. And that's exactly what happened. It was wonderful.

We had several people there that came up to me and said they enjoyed the talk and loved it and what's interesting is that nobody in the audience except for one had even heard of a Course of Miracles. I thought, that's interesting. So when I explained the story about where it came, what it is about and what have you, they were all ears and it was really interesting. Of course the parallel there is what David follows in his teaching which is the law of one. There are similar parallels of course between the law of one and miracles, however the law of one gets more into the specifics about the dreams whereas the Course in Miracles said, it's just a dream, forget it, forgive it and come on home. So there was some common ground at least to make the presentation, and everybody got it. It was great. It was really fun.

The weekend before that, of course Labor Day weekend, was the time that my brothers come down from Missouri and spend the weekend here. And they came down, it was great. My sister from Australia, who's moved back to Austin, joined us too. And we did a new song. So I thought it would be fun to share the new song with you. It's called The Singer is the Song, and this features four of the brothers and sisters singing. Me, Robert, Bennett, and Anita, not necessarily in that order. We all sing at various times. Some of us sing a half of a verse and the other one sings another half of the verse, some of us sing the chorus and then we all sing on the background parts. But anyway let's see if I can get this thing to play this morning.


Music – The Singer is the Song


Yeah, that's Larry, Anita, Robert, Bennet from last weekend when they came down for Labor Day weekend. We wrote that song, recorded it, had fun doing it, it was great. We do that every year, it's called the labor of love because it's done over labor day weekend and we do it because we love it. Labor of love. Thank you for joining me this morning, good morning Terry, Peter, Julie, good morning. Cam, Zenogirl, good morning to you. Suntime, good morning. Claudette, good morning to you. Dancerdoll and Giya, SimplyAnna, Don good morning. Good morning everyone.

The song, yeah the song can be downloaded at, let me see if I can remember the actual link. I don't have the actual link in front of me so I don't know, I'll have to look for it. Maybe when I play a song next and I can find out what it is and I'll post it in the room, but it's available free on the website. This past weekend in Toronto was wonderful because it was just, it was. But also because I was able to teach a course in miracles and I had no plans of course, just like I always teach awakenings, I don't have any plans when I'm doing that I just let spirit talk. But what was interesting is the progression of events that happened during the speaking in Toronto, and something hit me while I was speaking, as always. You know whenever you teach, you teach to learn. Because the information comes through the person speaking when they're teaching and then that is how they learn the information, which is exactly what happened to me. I was speaking, I had no idea what I was saying, I was just listening to the spirit and saying what spirit was saying and then information came through and I did not realize this information was true.

Now in the course in miracles they talk about, they being Jesus, says that forgiveness collapses time. Forgiveness collapses time, but he doesn't really explain how it collapses time, and I've always been interested by that phrase because I love time and I love all concepts of time. So when I read that forgiveness collapses time in A Course in Miracles it caught my eye but there was no explanation as to how that actually happens. But when I was speaking in Toronto the answer came, and it was kind of a surprising answer.

Some of you may remember the basketball story where I explained what was given to me about what time really is, and what time really is is that everything is actually happening at once. There is no past and there is no future. Everything is happening right now, absolutely everything. The beginning of time is happening now and the end of time is happening now. Everything is just now, period, that's it. There is no past and not future, there's only now, just like Eckhart Tolle says, “Only now.”

But what differentiates the different nows that I perceive in my reality is my thinking and my judgments. Once the thinking and the judgments are removed you see all possibilities and you see the past, you see the future, and you also see that what you thought was true was never true. The separation never occurred. And in this moment is the point before time. So it was a wonderful experience to have that come through. Now I guess maybe I better explain a little bit more about the forgiveness aspect because I didn't really get into that, but how forgiveness relates to the collapsing of time is as follows. Since everyone is a mirror for us here in this existence we interact with everyone in our, or what we perceive to be outside of ourself, which is really just us, it's god, it's just perception. It's perfection that we perceive, but then we turn it into solid matter and we turn it into what we perceive, based on the judgments that we've experienced before.

Forgiveness allows those perceptions of what we see outside of ourself to be seen clearly as to what they really are, and therefore lifetimes are saved. In other words, if somebody comes up to you just out of nowhere and just hits you in the head for no apparent reason, the normal typical world reaction would be to hit him back or to run, it would fight or flight. You're either gonna fight that person or you're gonna run away. Well there's actually a third option, and the third option instead of fight or flight is to understand that it really didn't happen, and that what you experienced what a projection from your mind and that you needed to forgive, you need to forgive. Thank and love the person that did that, that apparently did that to you, because this is all a dream, there's nothing real in this illusion, it's all a dream. And forgiveness then prevents the judgment of that other individual into escalating into maybe even hundreds or thousands of lifetimes where eventually you gotta forgive that projection anyway, you've gotta forgive every projection you ever made. Every projection that was ever made in my mind must be forgiven.

Once that's forgiven then all those lifetimes don't have to occur, time has collapsed. And as a matter of fact the more you forgive then you collapse so many lifetimes and so much time that you eventually get to the point where the big bang apparently happened. And when you forgive that, time ceases to exist, as it never existed in the first place, it was all a dream. Time is a dream, it's an illusion. And you awaken and remember that you've never left home and this all was an elaborate dream, just like when we go to bed and we dream in bed. We got to bed and we have nightmares, we have wet dreams, we have good dreams, we have bad dreams. We have all kinds of dreams and just like psychotherapists will tell you that every person in the dream is you acting out some aspect of a situation that you are experiencing in your life at the time.

So when you go to bed and you go to sleep, most people do not realize they are dreaming. They immerse themselves into the dream and into the sleep. And they see characters in a dream, even objects, animals, everything that you see in that dream is you. It is a projection of you and your current state of mind.

What I was able to be shown in Toronto while I was speaking is that just like when you go to bed and you sleep in a dream, everyone in the dream is you and it's a projection of you and your current state of mind. In the so called “real world” that we exist in or we think we exist in right now, this physical reality, everything that I see is a reflection of me. Everything is me. It is a projection from my mind. In a sense it's exactly the same as sleeping. It's sleeping on a much grander scale. It's exactly what it is. So everything we see in our life is a projection from my mind. Everything that I see in my life is a projection from my mind and everything must be forgiven. Everything that is shown to me, every action, every person, every place, every thing, every object, everything that I experience in this so-called physical existence is a projection. It's a dream, it's not real, it's part of me. There is only one of us here. There is only one of us here. There is only oneness, exactly like Gary Renard says in Disappearance of the Universe. Twoness is not real. Twoness: left/right, up/down, right/wrong, good/bad, forward/backward, duality, twoness, is a projection from oneness. It's a dream. It's not real. Twoness is not real. There is only oneness.

And that was what was given to me while I spoke at Toronto. And I had not made that connection before. And it was wonderful to be able to speak and get that while you're speaking. One of the reasons why I love to teach of course in Miracles is because I never know what I'm gonna say. I never know what I'm going to do, I have no idea, I just shut the mind up. By the way, thinking is an illusion too. Thinking is an illusion. Thinking is a step away from knowledge. Knowledge is being it, thinking it is judging it. Thinking is not real. It's a dream, it's an illusion.

Oh several years ago I found this group called Olive that I just love this song. It was never intended to be a spiritual song, it was released as a secular song I guess you could call it or whatever, a song called “You're Not Alone,” but the lyrics are so perfect. It's impossible to be alone when you're part of everything, when you are everything. Since you are, since we are everything we can never ever be alone. It's impossible. Everything and nothing cannot coexist. Everything is. God is, we are, it always has been, we always have been, we always will be. There is only now. We are not alone.


Music – We Are Not Alone


It is impossible for any part of anything to be separate from everything. It's impossible. Everything is. God is. It is impossible for any part of everything to be separate from everything. In other words, nothing real can be threatened, and nothing unreal exists. Thank you for joining me this morning. This has been Awakenings for Tuesday, September 15th, 2009. I will post a link to the singer is the song on my website. So if you check LarrySeyer.com/acim I will have the link to the song there if you want to download the song. It will be completely and totally free as everything is. Thank you for joining me this morning, I'll see you next week and have a wonderful now.

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