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Topic: Priceless Values
Teaching: Awakenings – Priceless Values
Host: Larry Seyer
Class: http://www.acimgather.org
Copyright: © A Course in Miracles
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This morning’s teaching is about perception as it pertains to financial worth and as compared to personal worth.

We used to be on a Gold standard, then a Gold and Silver standard, then we went off all standards and simply use numbers and pieces of paper to represent how much someone or something is worth.

However, a novel approach to a value system could be the intrinsic value of a person. One Holy Son of God is priceless and a value cannot be put upon it.

Using this system, everyone is rich. There is no lack and no worries of having ‘enough’.

There is plenty of everything. It is only our fear of the future and remorse for the past that prevents us from seeing a ‘now’ utopia where there is plenty of worth in everything.

Join with me today is knowing that there is and always has been plenty of everything.

And that your worth, my worth, all of our worthiness is beyond a numeric value. We are priceless.

Together, let’s give up this idea of comparisons… one being more valuable than another.

We are the Holy Son of God. Each one priceless and beyond compare.

Once we can see and believe this Truth, there will be no more need for this world.

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