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Topic: What Am I?
Teaching: Awakenings -What Am I?
Host: Larry Seyer
Class: http://www.acimgather.org
Copyright: © A Course in Miracles
Workbook Topics Discussed:

No workbook lesson was discussed today.

Text Topics Discussed:

This morning’s teaching is inspired by Regina Dawn Akers post entitled “What Am I?” from her “Single Quiet Thought” series.

The text from this post can be found at http://reginadawnakers.com/?p=889

Essentially, her post suggests that we ask the question of ourselves “What Am I?” and listen. (i.e. Listen to You, God, Father)

Do not try and fill in the blanks for an answer. Instead, listen for the Truth of what you are. Know that the answer is eternal and that if you think you can quantify the answer, the question has not been answered.

Included in this teaching is the first song to be released from David Wilcock ( see http://www.DivineCosmos.com ) and my latest project “Wanderer Awakening” entitled “Listen to You”.

David is scheduled to appear on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory the first hour this Friday evening and we are told that George will feature this song while David is on the show.

“Wanderer Awakening” is a two hour musical that tells the story of an Angelic/Spiritual being that makes a conscious decision to incarnate into physical existance. (He makes this decision out of guilt – the feeling he has done something wrong).

While in physical form, he experiences many of the joys, pains, hardships, and other experiences that are available as a corporeal being.

Through the pain of this existance, he awakens to and remembers the Truth of who/what he is. (i.e. He finds the Answer to the question of “What Am I?”).

Thus, he makes a full circle returning to that which he though he had lost. (i.e. The hero’s journey, The Prodigal Son)

Also included in this teaching is a recording made by my brothers and me entitled “I Am”… it seemed appropriate for today’s teaching.

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