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Topic: The way of peace – Reading from ReginaDawnAkers.com
Teaching: Impromptu – The way of peace
Host: Larry Seyer
Class: http://www.acimgather.org
Copyright: © A Course in Miracles
Workbook Topics Discussed:Note:

This is an impromptu teaching done at ACIM gather after reading the post entitled “The Way of Peace” posted at ReginaDawnAkers.com.

You can find this post at the following link:

9/14/99: Dream: Meeting with Clinton / Cayce Memory with Wilson?

The reading was so powerful for me, that I was directed to go to ACIM Gather and do a teaching.

Text Topics Discussed:Holy Spirit: Peace is everything. I`ve told you before that trust is everything, but peace is everything too. The two go together and are inseparable so that one cannot be everything without the other being everything too.

Let me redefine peace for you. Peace, within the experience of the illusion with the experience of an ego mind, is trust over doubting, acceptance over judgment, and rest over pain. It is choosing to rest, or relax, instead of choosing resistance, which is pain.

Peace is necessary for healing. Without peace, you are caught up in the code of illusion and fearing the code is true. This is the opposite of peace. Fearing the code is pain.

Peace is the path to the peace of God. Peaceful acceptance and trust is the way to awaken to that which you are. Peaceful acceptance is awakening. Denial and resistance are the choice for pain.

You asked if resistance is necessary on the spiritual path of awakening. The answer, of course, is no. You choose all of your experiences, including the experience of resistance, and you experience it exactly to the degree that you wish.

You may ask why you would choose the pain of resistance when you could experience peace. The answer is simple and one I am sure you have not overlooked. You choose resistance because you choose not to know fully that which you are. Resistance serves your choice to know yourself not as you are.

Your next question is how to let go of resistance, since you wish to be happy and free of pain. This answer is once again simple: Choose happiness through will for and peace.

When I say choose happiness through will for, I am directing you to the choices you are to make from the code. You are to choose the choices that make you happy. Follow your own happiness, and you never choose wrong.

Peace is acceptance of all things, including the choice to choose what you do not want. When a choice has been made that did not make you happy, be at peace with your choice. Accept what you have done. Do not resist the decision or its effects. Through taking responsibility, you become more responsible, and this will lead to more free choosing of that which you want.

Do not ask for any change to occur too quickly. Be willing to take your time. The slow way is the fast way, because the slow way is the way of trust. Trust sees no need to hurry.

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